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Magna Opus Solutions is an exclusive Distributor for Dometic ( the pioneers in Medical Refrigeration) in Maharashtra, Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh. Dometic, formerly known as Electrolux is the world leader in human vaccine cold chain, blood cold chain equipment and is the only company in the world to offer a complete product range. It devotes its extensive expertise in the area of applied special refrigeration technology in order to ensure optimal quality and safety mandatory for a proper, legally compliant cold chain for vital and temperature-sensitive life preserving preparations. The product range has expanded significantly in recent years and now includes:
  • Cold Chain for the transport and storage of vaccines.
  • Blood Chain for the transport and storage of blood products for civilian use and for military purposes.
  • Biomedical refrigeration for hospitals, clinics, research centres, and the biotech and pharmaceuticals industries
  • Blood Safety for blood transfusions, transport and storage, traceability , and the global management of blood components
Dometic Medical System’s device “Technology for life” affects not only human beings, but also our environment that is the base for all life. Hence we have committed ourselves to the radical minimization of our products’ CO2 output. Dometic Medical Systems is pleased to announce a complete new range of high efficient and low noise appliances using natural gases as isobutane, propane and ethane as refrigerants. These new “green” models convince by their technical optimizations just in terms of economy and environmental protection: